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Who are cuckolds and why do they like cheating partners. Read stories on the forum

Infidelity does not always bring suffering to people. Sometimes it is a special kind of erotic pleasure. Most likely, many people know that cuckolding is when a husband gets sexual pleasure from cheating on his wife. A cuckold man gets turned on by watching his woman – a hotwife – make love to another. Cuckolding is not swinging, when a couple voluntarily exchanges partners with other couples. Also, a cuckold is not a voyeur who spies on love games in secret. He is the initiator and main spectator of the love pleasures of his beloved wife. Everything happens only with his permission and approval.

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As you can read in cuckold stories, cuckolding scenarios are different. Sometimes the husband is personally present when his wife has sex with another partner. Other couples agree that the hotwife will send photos, videos and sms from her date with another man. Also, often cuckolds are content with detailed stories of partners about how everything went, and the more hot details are the better.

Regardless of the options, communication with another man is possible only with the consent of both partners and absolute trust between them. If you start running on dates without your husband and having sex with another without his knowledge, this is no longer cuckolding, but cheating.

On the forum you can read different stories about hot dates, with a description of the details of the most intimate scenes. Some cuckold stories have photos from the date, which makes the story even more beautiful and allows you to see some details with your own eyes. You can read stories on various cuckold topics:

  • real cuckold stories from husbands, wives, bulls about sexual encounters and dates in different places;
  • discussions and stories about various fetishes;
  • stories about sexy cuckold dreams;
  • lifestyle issues of cuckold husbands and their hot wives.

Many users have questions, some already have the answers. You can go to the section of cuckold stories and find what you like, what you want to read now and find out at this particular moment.

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The special charm of cuckold stories is that they are written by real people on the forum. They hurried to share their experiences, what excites them and gives them great pleasure, whether it be sex, humiliation, video filming of their partner’s sex with another during sex, and much more. Just go to the section of cuckold stories and you will find a lot of interesting things. Also, you can leave a comment on any story, while maintaining courtesy, of course.