The Lingam Massage – Way to Ultimate Pleasure!

With the ambience and atmosphere which is prepared, make your man comfortable as well as also start deepening the breath to enter much deeper state of comfort and relaxation. Though, it is suggested that hemust be on his back, with his legs apart, and with knees that are slightly bent.

You should also give him gentle reminder to simply focus on breathing when he feels excited upon touching his body.

You need to ensure to have the massage oil on hand, since this massage oil will be importantas it simply allows your hands to easily glide over the body.

However, it is better to use the natural oil when doing Mayfair massage without the added scents like coconut oil or jojoba is known to be best kind of intimate massage.

Step 1: You can start with gently massaging their chest and gently massaging their shoulders, moving down to their abdomen. After this, you can move hand, move down to the feet and even work the way up to the legs, thereby slowly pleasing as well as teasing when you move close to him.

Step 2: You need to warm your hand and then you need to coat in the massage oil, start with simply massaging the areas around which may also be highly sensitive area to touch, like the thighs, perineum as well as his pubic bone.

Here you need to Remember, slow, gentle strokes and movements.

Step 3: Next step, where you need to focus momentarily on his testicles. Here, you need to massage as well as twirl them easily as well as gently with the fingertips, cup of testicles in the hand on the other hand even stroking different areas, and simply drag the fingernails across the scrotum.

Step 4: Next step is to lead in stroking and handling the shaft of penis. You need to twist the hand around the shaft or the penis, do long stokes as well as slow strokes with complete length, and also alternate for quacking the movements and even switch to stroke with both your hands.

Also, there is a difference in the intensity of grip, also the speed of strokes along with your methodology and your way of doing it.

Step 5: After this you need to stroke the frenulum along with head gently, but you should not focus the attention here.

You need to remember, you were needing this prolong climax, and hence if you will realize he gets close to orgasm, you may just need to slow down, back off as well as massage the areas which is around the most sensual part.

It is an edging technique which will keep him at peak level of arousal and close to climax, but it also helps to maximize the level of sensitivity to the touch.

When you will sense that he gets close to an orgasm, this will help them to encourage and help him to take long and deep breaths and also experiment with breathing energy up to rest of his body.