How To Explore Foot Fetish Toys

If feet are a turn-on for you, don’t worry, you’re in good company. Feet are second behind sex organs as the most erotic body parts of the body and they give the perfect turn ons for enthusiasts. You can try foot fetish toys to get a glimpse of pleasure that everyone wants to get from time to time.  Here’s what you can achieve:

Deliver a good foot massage.

Erotic foot massages are a great place to start. Feet are filled with nerve endings, and with the addition of massage oil and lotion, a foot massage with foot fetish toys can be anything from relaxing to very erotic. If this is your first foray into exploring your foot fetish with a sex partner, ask them if you can massage their feet and see how both respond to it.

For tickle play, feet are home base.

As I covered in my slideshow on tickling, most people are ticklish on the bottoms of their feet because of all the nerve endings there. Check out my full slides how for the best tickling tips.

Explore forced feminization with high-heeled shoes.

Forced feminization is a form of erotic degradation that many people get into. Some submissives like being “forced” to wear panties, hosiery, and high-heeled shoes in kinky sexual situations — clothing typically associated with women and femmes. Some of us even like getting treated roughly, spanked, spat on, and erotically degraded when we’re dressed like this. For submissives and dominants with foot and shoe fetishes, a good pair of high heeled shoes can make your next session so much hotter.

Get your kicks with a sneaker fetish.

Many people aroused by sneakers are turned on by their smell and the act of putting their nose and mouth in them. A common form of erotic humiliation is when a dominant puts your mouth and nose in a used shoe and ties it around your head with bondage tape or bandage wrap, forming a kind of muzzle.

Ask other kinksters

This is the only way to learn about a particular fetish. Visit sites with queer men to meet kinky people and find playmates. If you’re turned on by a certain kind of shoe, love a man in boots, love a dominatrix in black stiletto heels, or love the feeling of your toes being sucked (it’s sensory overload — try it), take necessary steps to find people to play with. Some work is always required to find playmates when your sexual interests fall outside the mainstream, but the work is worth it when you explore your fetish with foot fetish toys.