Breaking The Stigma On Sexual Health And Pleasure: 7 Reminders For Everyone

The topic of pleasure and health is not for everyone. Some people feel a sense of repression when they hear about a particular word because they were conditioned during the early days that it was shameful. On the other hand, people have no one to talk to because they feel embarrassed opening up about these things about their bodies. It is no one’s fault. Whether you seem a bit adamant about buying sex toys online in Singapore for your pleasure or talking to a therapist about the possibility of exploring this side of yourself, we have some tips for you!

In this article, let us explore some reminders to keep in mind to break the stigma about achieving pleasure with a partner or using products to elevate your experience alone. It will help us become self-aware and avoid ostracising people for doing what benefits their minds and bodies. Also, buying a sex toy is not only for women: They are for everyone!


As mentioned above, sex toys are for everyone! First, realise that there is no target market or a particular set of people who will benefit from them. Besides, you will not see discriminatory rules when you visit a shop or buy sex toys online.

Second, for example, while anal beads have a specific purpose, you can try them if you think they will give you maximum pleasure during those times. There are no limits on what you wish to explore, as long as you are safe, clean, and responsible with things! (Tip: Feel free to ask a sales representative if you have difficulties choosing one, and they will suggest products based on your preferences.)


Most people are guilty of seeing sexual activities as pleasurable acts. While this may be the case, the other side of the story is caring for your health and engaging in safe practices. It can be cleaning your Tenga sex toy according to the instructions on the package or being hygienic with your body. This thinking also contributes to the stigma, so let us start breaking it by keeping in mind that exploring your sexual desires is one way to improve your physical and mental health, and there is nothing wrong with it! (Tip: Have a balance in your life by giving equal priority to your mind and body when exploring your sexual side.)


One problem with buying adult toys in Singapore or being open about those things with your friends or on social media platforms is some people think it is shameful, and talking about it is only suitable inside the bedroom. On the contrary, talking about your sexual health is not only a matter of self-awareness and exploration but also breaking the stigma by encouraging people to follow suit. However, you should still be careful because some can be stubborn and traditional, so never be forceful when discussing these things. Lastly, consent is the key!



Congratulations on becoming a self-aware person who does not ostracise people who value their sexual health. However, one problem that usually arises is the lack of responsibility. They are not to blame because they are either excited about this journey of exploration or become careless about things. With this, whether you are buying a Lovense Lushtoy for your personal health or currently thinking of taking your relationship to the next level, realise that these things require responsibility! Know how to use a particular sexual product, discuss with your partner the techniques to make things safe and clean, and anything along those lines.


Adult toys in Singapore are safe and healthy for these reasons. First, if you buy from a reputable shop that carries products from the best brands in the market, expect them to suit your needs. However, remember proper and safe usage to avoid issues with the device and your sexual health. Second, using them with a partner is fine if it means elevating your experience and strengthening your chemistry. There is no reason for single and partnered individuals to hesitate about these products. (Tip: Always ask the sales personnel and tell them relevant information on your health. They can suggest something that fits your needs.)



Non-consensual sex should not even be a concept in the first place because it is such an unspeakable act. First, whether single or partnered, always practise consent when using toys, such as anal beads or a Tenga sex toy. No one should be forcing you to engage in sexual activities or pressuring you into doing them. Second, if a friend or partner suggests using adult toys in Singapore, never cave in immediately or give in to peer pressure only because they seem to appeal to you. Instead, try to do research and read things whether they suit your health preferences. These things are for everyone, but there is no need to force yourself into trying them.


Some people make the mistake of buying the wrong sex toys onlineor not knowing enough because they are scared of asking questions to people. It might be the mere social anxiety or the fear of getting judged by those who stigmatise sexual health and pleasure. With this, realise that asking questions is the key because it lets you know more about the topic. First, if you are a bit shy, try to visit online forums where you can be anonymous. However, be wary of people because not everyone is trustworthy. Second, visit a retailer and ask the sales personnel. They never judge people, and all they want is to help find a product that works best for them.

Buying a sex toy is not only for women because they are for everyone! If you seek to elevate your pleasurable experiences or start this journey of self-exploration, visit to browse their catalogue of adult toys and other products.