3 Common Issues That Impact Your Sex Life and How to Resolve Them

It isn’t uncommon for relationships to struggle when sex becomes less frequent or ceases altogether. However, this is also something that the majority of couples will experience at some point in their relationships. There are many reasons why your sex life might take a downward spiral, but this isn’t necessarily a reason to panic.

You can find solutions to these problems provided that you and your partner are willing to work together, and below are a few examples of common sexual issues you might face coupled with respective suggestions on how you can resolve them.

1. You No Longer Feel Desired by Your Partner

Just because your sex life might be in a bit of a rut right now, that doesn’t always mean that your partner no longer finds you attractive. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop you from feeling unwanted, and that in turn can make you feel as though you want to shy away from sexual intimacy.

As hard as these conversations might seem at first, you need to communicate with your partner if you are feeling this way. They might not realize that their behavior has led to these doubts, or perhaps they have been feeling something similar. Once you have talked about it together in a safe space, you can then try to make more of an effort to help you both feel passionate and desirable once more.

2. Struggles with Impotence and/or Low Sex Drive

There are many reasons why someone might struggle with impotence, whether physical or mental. While this can be a sensitive subject, there are solutions you can try, such as Viagra or supplements like these Dragon Strong capsules. Always speak to a medical professional first to make sure that taking these medications would be suitable for your circumstances, however.

A low sex drive can also result in a lack of sexual activity between you and your partner, and this can also have a variety of causes. Speaking to a couple’s counselor or seeing a therapist individually might help if you or your partner’s sex drive is being affected by other things, such as pressure at work, low self-esteem, or other circumstances in your/their life.

3. A Lack of Emotional Connection

While sex is about physical pleasure, it is also about building intimacy with your partner and a way to express the love you have for one another. If recently you have been feeling as though you are losing that emotional connection, or it isn’t as strong as it used to be, it can make sex less enjoyable or even put you off engaging in it altogether.

Working on rebuilding that emotional connection could help you resolve this, and perhaps taking sex out of the equation for a while until you do start feeling that level of intimacy again might help. If this doesn’t work, it might be time to decide whether or not you want to remain with your current partner, or if the relationship has simply run its course.

There are many other common issues that couples might face when it comes to sex. Above are just a few examples, but if any sound familiar to you, consider their respective solutions and see if they help you move forward with your partner.