The Proper Way For Cleaning Male & Female Sex Toys

Today, many have developed a growing awareness of sexual well-being. Taking control of your pleasure brings a good sensation and grants more creativity to open up for a more healthy and creative sexual experience. It’s not surprising to see why many couples and even individuals find more opportunities to spice up and create more diversity for extended excitement in the bedroom. Be it in the form of men’s or female sex toys, it helps feed the fantasy and excitement whether you’re flying solo or with a partner. 

Sex toys are an excellent tool. Nevertheless, we also need to take care of them properly to use them again and again. Much like any other chores and responsibilities, we need to figure out ways to ensure that our sex toys last long in our possession. It might sound daunting, especially for first-time owners. But cleaning your sex toy is the most fundamental type of maintenance you can do. 

Here are a few ideas for cleaning up your sex toys in a proper fashion:

Understand That Different Materials Require Different Care

Whether you have a dildo or a penis pump, different materials will need a specific type of care. It means there’s no single method of cleaning and maintaining sex toys (unless they are all in the same material). For example, a porous cotton material will most likely require cold water and soap when cleaning, and you can store them in a lint-free container. On the other hand, a nonporous silicone material will need warm water when cleaning. Nonetheless, you can place most silicone and stainless steel sex toys in any clean container.

After using and playing with sex toys, cleaning should be a priority to avoid the risk of infection. Unclean sex toys can introduce unwanted microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which can cause illness. Thus it is a must to clean them after use. For others, you can also sanitise your sex toys even before use, especially when stored for too long. Even if you bought new sex toys in Singapore, it’s vital that they remain clean and pathogen-free.

Cleaning Porous & Nonporous Materials

As part of cleaning and sanitation, you can wash toys with porous materials (such as leather, jelly rubber, PVC and cotton) with soap and water. Most porous materials can handle soap, but others can also use milder cleaners, such as gentle hand soap. Understand that most porous-made toys are sensitive since they have micro-holes or pores. Nevertheless, these holes can harbour bacteria, so cleaning should be frequent after every use. Most would often use porous toys for solo pleasure rather than sharing with a partner for hygiene.

On the other hand, you can clean nonporous materials (such as glass, ABS plastic, nylon, silicone and steel) with sex toy cleaner or even liquid soap. Whether it’s a male or female sex toys, you can perform air drying on them. If you have a non-motorised, nonporous sex toy, you can use boiling water and bleach on it to ensure deep cleaning. You can also use a dishwasher on them, so long as they are not motorised. Otherwise, you might risk damaging its internal component. Before cleaning, consider removing the battery of motorised toys first.

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