The main rules to avoid online fears 

Online dating has become quite popular over the past decades, but the field has also changed and evolved over time. However, as in any other field, muslim dating sites also have their own risks and challenges that need to be considered.

The online dating safety rules you should know about 

Online dating safety rules are a very important topic. You have probably heard more than once about fraud schemes on websites. For your own safety, follow these rules:

  • Do not share personal information or transfer money to users.
  • Conduct video communication if you are already closer.
  • Never send intimate photos of yourself.
  • If you are planning a meeting, it is better to meet in a crowded place during the day.
  • Use services that take care of your safety.

So, if you follow these tips, dating online services will be pleasant and successful.

How to avoid the fear of a real meeting?

The fear of a real meeting can be very strong. Especially if, in a fit of feeling, the life story, description of personality and appearance were slightly adjusted. No one wants to be in the shoes of a person who hears “you look completely different in the photographs.”

While people are chatting online, they can be sitting in their dressing gowns, with dirty hair, eating chips and flirting very nicely. But in order to flirt just as nicely in life (especially at the beginning), for many, you need to be absolutely confident in your appearance, and for this, you need to do a lot.

Women and men go on real dates for hours and still often feel awkward because they fear that their best image is still not good enough for the other. The network at gives people the feeling that they are good enough in any form because no one else can see them. But this feeling leaves a person as soon as he enters the real world.