Condoms are among the most commonly used contraceptives in the world today. Contraceptives are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Condoms are easy to get and use, and some couples use them to make sex even better.

While birth control might be the primary reason many people use condos, they have way more benefits.

They are effective against STDs

Condoms are a reliable method of protecting both partners against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, warts, and other serious sexual infections. They are the only contraceptive used as birth control and also to limit the spread of STDs. Even if you are already using alternative birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is essential to use condoms if you don’t trust your partner as protection against STDs.

They are cheap and easy to get

Condoms don’t cost more and are easy to get. Many governments distribute condoms to their citizens for free to raise awareness on safe sex practices and the significance of birth control. Therefore they are available for free in community health centers and planned parenthood centers.

You can also buy condoms in supermarkets, pharmacies, and other stores at affordable prices. For those who are embarrassed to purchase condoms in public physical stores, online condom stores provide the much-needed privacy of buying condoms in discreet.

Enhances sex life

Condoms are sexy, and many couples use them to enhance their sex life. Different condom brands manufacture condoms of different varieties, shapes, and textures that increase sexual sensitivity for both partners. For instance, dotted, studded, and extra lubricated condoms. Many condom stores like also have condoms of different flavors that appeal to partners who want to enhance their sex life.

For males, having your partner put the condom on your penis can be an exciting part of foreplay for you and your partner as well. According to research, condoms can delay ejaculation, making them beneficial for those who want to last longer in bed.

Safer sex and more pleasure

Condoms are effective for all types of sexual pleasure, whether vaginal, oral, or anal sex. They protect both partners from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) no matter how much they indulge. The sexiest part of condoms is letting a couple or partners engage in sexual pleasure without worrying about pregnancy or STIs. Safer sex translates to better sex because the partners are free from any stress that could kill the mood.

Condoms have no side effects.

Many people use condoms comfortably without experiencing any adverse side effects. Most of them are made of rubber/latex, which is safe on anyone’s skin unless they have latex sensitivities or allergies. But if one is allergic to latex condoms, they can switch to condoms manufactured from soft plastics like nitrile, polyurethane, and polyisoprene, which are latex-free.

Nonlatex condoms are found in the same stores such as, where standard condoms are sold. Sometimes the lube on some condoms can be irritating, which is only a matter of trying a different brand.

Help other contraceptives work better.

Many couples add condoms to their contraceptive lineup for better pregnancy protection. No birth control method is 100% effective; therefore, using condoms offers maximum protection if there is a mistake with the method or if it fails.

the final words

Condoms are easy to get hold of, use, and come in different varieties to suit your needs.