Silicone Sex Dolls: 5 Unique Features You Didn’t Know About Them

Are you tired of not being able to fulfil your sexual fantasies? Did you know that you can have all your sexual desires fulfilled without a human partner? Yes, you can use silicone sexdolls to bring to reality all your kinky desires. The sex doll industry is growing at a rapid pace. People have begun investing in sex dolls to feel less lonely due to the lack of human touch.

You can buy different varieties of sex dolls in the market. Sex dolls can be made from different materials like TPE and silicone. TPE sex dolls are an affordable range of sex dolls made as realistically as possible. But silicone sex dolls are those premium sex dolls that can fill your nights with pleasure. Browse through this article to know more about silicone sex dolls and how they can give some fun-filled nights.

1.   Silicone Sex Dolls Are Quite Life-like

Silicone sex dolls for men will not let you feel the lack of a human partner for not even a minute. They are designed in the most realistic way possible. You will feel that you are fulfilling all your kinky desires with your dream partner. The size of the silicone sex dolls is also often the size of an average human. Even the weight of the silicone sex dolls is similar to average human beings. A full-size female silicone sex doll will weigh around 90 pounds. A full-size silicone sex doll is typically around five feet tall. The height and weight resemble that of an ideal female partner desired by most men.

2.   Male Silicone Sex Dolls Are Also Available In The Market

Most people imagine a female model when they hear about silicone sex dolls. But even male silicone dolls are manufactured in the market. The male silicone dolls are not sought after as much as the female models. But the male models of silicone sex dolls are also sold. Women are not deprived of the pleasure of playing with a sex doll. Even gay or bisexual men can enjoy themselves with the male models of sex dolls. The male sex dolls are designed with as much precision as the female sex dolls.

The male sex dolls are anatomically accurate to provide maximum pleasure to the ones using them. The male sex dolls have the ability to receive pleasure as well. Therefore, the male sex dolls get an edge over the female sex dolls. In fact, the male silicone sex dolls are more firm and sturdy than their female counterparts. The male silicone sex dolls also have additional features like a detachable penis. The male sex dolls also have hands that can be moved to give you pleasure.

3.   Silicone Sex Dolls Can Be Cleaned Easily

Everyone looks forward to having a sensuous night with their sex dolls. But no one is ever ready to take the trouble of cleaning their sex dolls. Cleaning your sex doll isn’t as exciting as having nightly adventures in the bedroom. But cleaning the sex dolls is extremely important because of hygiene factors. The good news about silicone sex dolls is that they can be cleaned quite easily. You can also use water to clean your silicone sex dolls.

4.  Silicone Sex Dolls Are Made Using Non-Porous Material

Silicone is a non-porous material. This is the quality that allows you to wash silicone sex dolls with water. Water won’t seep through your silicone sex dolls and ruin them. Do you know another advantage of the non-porous silicone sex dolls? It means that you can take your silicone sex doll even under the shower and try different positions. Have shower sex scenes in movies and series always made you feel aroused? It’s time to get some action under the shower with the sex doll of your dreams.

5.   Silicone Sex Dolls Are Resistant To Stains

Some people have the fetish of dressing up their sex dolls. Removing each piece of clothing before getting to see the bare body of the sex doll makes the experience feel more real. But when you dress up TPE sex dolls with colourful clothes, the body might get ruined with stains as they are not stain-resistant. It limits your option of dressing up your sex doll. You can only use white clothing to dress up your TPE sex dolls. But silicone sex dolls will come to your rescue if you want to dress them up in vibrant clothes. Dress up your sex dolls with the most vibrant piece of clothing and enjoy your night with them.

Wrapping Up

The time of keeping your sexual desires curtained up because you don’t have a human partner is gone. Buy a silicone sex doll for yourself and try out as many positions for as long as you want.