Safety Tips To Dwell Upon Before You Start Dating Online

Today, a dating app is all the rage. It’s exciting to find somebody online who not only matches your interests but also matches your compatibility. Today there are apps that help you with the same with tools like compatibility quiz, tally hashtags etc. All this is interesting but what comes first is the safety concern. Here is a list of a few tips that you should be aware of before stepping into the dating world.

  • Meet in a public place:
    It’s exciting to meet somebody new. But something new or someone new always comes with a probability of uncertainty. Hence it becomes advisable to meet in a public place. Alternatively, meeting at a public place such as a restaurant, or a cafeteria with a large number of people serves as an advantage. If you feel uneasy, there will be other folks nearby who can assist you.
  • Avoid alcohol:
    A big no-no! It’s important you avoid liquor or any sort of hard drinks that may hinder your conscious state. The only metric the opposite person will bring you on your first date is excitement. Safety becomes your number one concern while meeting somebody new. Unless otherwise, you get to know the person over time, safety can be divided so forth.
  • Back up alerts:
    Today you can fetch endless matches by using dating apps in India. You can go on numerous dates and have a plethora to choose from. But every time you go on a date, make sure a friend or someone you know should be aware of the date details. Where is your date? How soon should you be back home? Impromptu plans if any? Etc. Let a friend be on track of you for safety reasons again.
  • Transport arrangements:
    Get your own transport or have arrangements for the same. A polite no for lifts and “let me just drop you to the main road” is completely okay. You might feel it’s a romantic gesture to have the date drop you off but why take the risk on day 1?
  • Chat or video call:
    A week prior to the date, get some chatting & video calling done before you meet the person. Why? Observe, learn & trust your instincts. Indeed a week’s time is not enough to know about the person but it should surely give you an idea about a few metrics that you need to know concerning safety.
  • If uncomfortable, excuse yourself:
    Sometimes things won’t turn out the way they should have. If any time you feel uncomfortable, make sure to excuse yourself from the scene. Sometimes the gut feeling and instincts are just enough to know the person ahead of you.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your first meeting! Keep in check with the safety measures and you are all set for the date. You can start your journey with TrulyMadly, an Indian dating app that helps you meet your right match.