Kind of text friends with benefits would appreciate 

If you’re anything like me, you like spontaneity in others (within limits), but you feel best when you’ve got a plan in place, and everything falls into place. You know who you’re hanging out with on weekends, where you’re going, what you’re ordering at the restaurant, and maybe even who you’re going home with. If you’re a self-described planner, you undoubtedly have your FWB on speed dial when you’re single, and you’re no stranger to the messages to send if you want to hook up tonight and regularly. To get you started, consider below tips on how to ask a girl to be friends with benefits over text:

  1. Do you even have the Lyft app installed on your mobile device? Good. Then use it to go over here and acquire that lovely *ss.
  2. What do you have planned for later tonight? I want to make a suggestion: Me.
  3. On top of everything else, I’ve been thinking about you.
  4. I wish you were in my bed right now.
  5. Hey, we’ll be tonight; you should meet us. And then stay the night.
  6. Right now, I’d like to become nude with you.
  7. Right now, I’m completely turned on. How much time do you estimate it’ll take you to get here? Do you want to find out?
  8. So, where are you now that I’m entirely naked?

A woman in bed texts her pal with benefits a steamy text

  1. What are you up to, stranger? Are you up for some tonight?
  2. Hey, you just jumped into my mind; do you want to pop into my head again later tonight?
  3. Last night, I had a hot AF dream about you; want to try it out in real life tonight?
  4. “Want to watch the live show tonight?” send them an extremely adorable photo with the comment “Want to see the live performance tonight?”
  5. I’m out to dinner with a friend who will later be my dessert.
  6. Want to do it again tonight, considering how hot it was the last time we hung out?
  7. Hello there, pal! Later tonight, how about some of those “benefits”?
  8. I’m tired of being bored. Why don’t you come over here and have some fun with me?
  9. Are you awake? Let’s get strange.
  10. I’m desperate for you, RN.
  11. Hello, champion. You performed admirably in the qualifying rounds, and I believe you are now ready to compete in the semi-finals. Tonight? If you put on your best spandex, you might win gold.
  12. I hope you’ve been studying because I have a quick test for you: Can you come over tonight and tell me what the square root of 69 is?
  13. What’s that under there? You just said underpants. Also, no underwear is required if you come over tonight.


Since asking a how to ask a girl to be friends with benefits over text likely get the job done, is there pleasure in that? Take advantage of the chance to be a little more imaginative and set the tone for what should be a delightful evening.