How to organize a speed dating event in London?

In dating, finding the perfect match is never a simple task. The vast majority of dating apps out there may offer little or no solution for people looking for the perfect match. If you are looking to meet a special person without the help of social media then speed dating events could offer the solution.

How speed dating events work;

The attendees are in constant random encounters that are timed. The buzzer rings at the end of the specified time and the participants progress from table to table until everyone has had a chance to interact with each other.

How to organize a speed dating event

London is always filled with a buzz of activities. Organizing a speed dating event in London is not very hard. You first need to ensure that you secure the best venue. Social places like bars and restaurants tend to work best.

The event is also best in such a setting as you could bring potential new customers to the premise and you could use this as a negotiation tool to bargain a discount while hiring the venue.

Arrangement of the venue mostly varies; chairs and tables are usually arranged in a circle or in rows to enable the ease in movement of the participants. Ensure that there is a designated area at the entrance where people register on arrival and pick their respective badges.

Explain the rules to all the attendees and it is important to give everybody equal time to talk to each other. Carefully explain the format of the event before it starts to ensure uniformity in the flow of events.

Promoting the event is also key. You could use social media or your website to get people to register and make attendance plans.

Charging is also an important part of getting people to attend. You have to make sure that your rates are affordable. Charging also helps you cut the costs of organizing such an event. Try negotiating for a discount with the owners of the venue you choose.

3 ways to spice up speed dating

  • Introduce events that bond people: people like to bond over shared interests, conversations flow better when people have a certain thing in common. You could hold a speed dating event at a gym to get the gym enthusiastic together or a bookshop. Like-minded singles will meet at such settings and can kick off conversations easily.
  • Have a theme: a theme will help people pick out specific outfits; this will help set the setting and eliminate the worry of what outfit the participants need to choose.
  • Introduce some quick questions: speed dating means that you get to talk to different dates. Asking the same question over and over can get very boring. Have different quick-fire questions on each table to keep things firing. This will also be helpful to the people that become shy upon meeting new people.

Virtual Speed dating is picking up very fast in London. If you have not tried it out yet then you are missing a great fun way of meeting new people. Give it a try and explore the unlimited potential.