How to Improve Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness often depends on numerous other life aspects, such as physical wellbeing and overall mental health. If you are suffering from low libido or discovered you’re unable to climax like you used to, it is stressful; we understand.

But it does not always need to be this way. There are actions you could take to boost your whole sexual health! And it includes trust with partners, increased desire, and true enjoyment. Moreover, orgasms and pleasures! What is not to love about it?

Whether you want to blitz your sexual routine or you want to know how to be better in sex, below are effective ways to boost sex life, starting now.

Masturbate Regularly

Perhaps you’re not expecting this one, but it’s something that provides many wellness and health benefits whether you are single or have a partner. It is also among the most reliable and safest ways to have sexual satisfaction. Aside from the physiological benefits, masturbation assists in increasing body confidence and self-esteem. It assists you in exploring your body and knowing what arouses you. Doing it with your lover could boost intimacy while learning more about one another.

Practice Mindfulness

Being completely aware and at the moment during sex boosts intimacy, connection, and pleasure. Establish a sacred area where you’re not allowed to use electronic devices and that’ll help you in focusing on your sexual wellness. Think intentionally and purposely about how you behave in a sexual situation rather than acting out of a sense of complacency or habit. Boost your understanding of your partner’s feelings and connect with your senses. Take a deep breath and slow everything down (a great exercise you could try is syncing and exchanging breaths with your lover). Stare deeply into your lover’s eyes and view them as they really are, and allow yourself to be found. These are various ways you could try being a little more conscious in the bedroom but if your mind goes off somewhere else, do not judge it, just take your thoughts back and have a wonderful sex experience.

Increase Joyful Free Time

Working from home never seems to stop. You could constantly promote anything via another tweet, spend a bit more time in front of your screen, and send another email. But it isn’t great for us, and being productive all day long wears down our mind and body. Add in the fact that you’re spending more hours indoors, maybe with less seclusion and solitary time than ever before, and you have got the creations of a bad mental health condition, which equals less sex. Start prioritizing enjoyable leisure time if you’re having trouble feeling aroused or if your desire has been low. Walking outside, or simply just grocery shopping alone brings independence back into your life. Spend more time doing things you used to like or simply writing about your emotions.

Get Comfortable with Your Body

Many folks aren’t sure what it is that makes them feel bad. Is it external or internal stimulation, both, none, or a combination of the two? Is it rapid, slow, hard, or soft for you? Oral penetration, sex, and different types of foreplay are all popular among certain people. Do you have a good understanding of your desires? Even if that’s the case, there’s always more to discover. Possibly now’s the moment for something new if you have never attempted sensual partner rubs or anal play? Take a little more time in solitary play to explore your body, regardless of the position you’re in. The greatest, and sometimes only, a method to discover more intense orgasms is to masturbate. In addition, it improves your body image and emotional health, which is beneficial. For calming stimulation, try putting a soothing vibrator to your play! Self-awareness is attractive since it lets you convey your desires to your companion.

Increase Communication

No purchase of sex toys will be enough to rekindle your desire. Only open communication and firm foundations of permission could be expressed if you are not feeling it or having difficulties fully enjoying intimacy. It’s challenging to communicate your wants, but it’s necessary for long-term partnerships and the development of trust. When you have sex, guarantee you seek permission first, and keep checking in throughout partner play to ensure all are on board. If sex is unpleasant or a partner has a past traumatic experience, the only way to establish a meaningful relationship is to navigate these delicate times.

Bring in an Expert

Maybe you and your lover should consult with a couple’s therapist to settle personal communication concerns, or maybe you’d want to talk with a sex therapist to explore boosting sexual health and wellbeing.