How to Have Better Sex: The Importance of Foreplay

Most of you reading this article must have played some sport or have hit the gym once in your life. What is the first thing you do when starting the game or getting to the gym? Have a warm-up. Any coach would say how vital it is, having a warm-up before playing or exercising. Allow me to tell you it is similar to sex, but here, it is known as foreplay. Some people, whatever gender, feel that foreplay isn’t that vital regarding sex. Allow me to rectify it here; foreplay’s significance in sex is as warm up’s importance in exercising. You could underperform if you do not perform it. To prove to you, below are a few reasons why foreplay is crucial on how to have better sex.

Sometimes, you could even get more pleasure from here than when having sex.

Regardless of who you are or how great you are in bed, the main act could never be prolonged for hours. So, you would soon be done with it. However, if you’ve got the time, then you could have all kinds of pleasure you desire for as long you wish for if you extended the foreplay period. Moreover, foreplay, when performed properly, could be more pleasurable than penetrative sex itself.

Foreplay Stimulates, Which Means Better Sex

Think of every single epic film you’ve watched. What if I take out all the anticipation and buildup and go directly to the climax? It wouldn’t be that epic anymore. It’s similar to having sex; you couldn’t expect an incredible climax without giving your best on the foreplay. Great foreplay stimulates your body for a satisfying climax. So the next time you wish to have more pleasure, do not be sluggish on the foreplay.

Know Each Other’s Likes and Dislikes

Not all of us know everything regarding sex. Furthermore, we do not know what someone likes and does not. You have to know their preference to pleasure them, and the greatest way to do that is when having foreplay. Aside from making them satisfied, it also allows you to understand precisely what you should do when having intercourse with them.

Increases Intimacy

If it’s a one-night stand or your partner, intimacy always enhances the bed experience. There’s something extremely thrilling when exploring the body of your partner before starting it. Foreplay can boost intimacy and hence help you to pleasure them right in bed. Hear what your partner wants either through listening to what they say or the sounds they make.

Foreplay Helps Her to Reach Orgasm

Commonly, women could last longer in the bedroom than guys, and hence we usually get short of juice. If you’re someone who never does foreplay and continues to have sex, then there are great chances only you are reaching orgasm in this kind of setup. And that means that you’re not caring for your partner’s desires. That makes you an insensitive partner, and nobody wants that. So if you like to make her orgasm, do your foreplay.

It Doesn’t Hurt at All

Foreplay is quite straightforward and does not cause discomfort at all. It’s smooth and only gives you a pleasurable experience. Having said that, after you get the hang of it, there is no stopping yourself. If you want to know how to have better sex, foreplay is key.

Size is the Last Thing that Matters

During sexual intercourse, size matters, especially to a lady. But while doing foreplay, it’s only the agility and attitude that matters, and your insecurities could take a step back.

Sex is Smoother After Foreplay

Well, if you like to prevent those awkward bumps at the start of sexual intercourse, foreplay will help you get a perfect start. The foreplay will help you stay more relaxed, and your body can be more comfortable, which would provide you with the greatest experience ever.