Have You Ever Thought Of Becoming An Escort?

Choosing to become one of the escorts in Los Angeles is something that requires a lot of thought and preparation. Once you’ve decided this is something you’d like to do, the process of actually becoming an escort can seem pretty daunting. 

Where Do You Start? 

Well, first of all: what is an escort? 

An escort (sometimes referred to as a companion) is more than just the pretty face some people assume they are. “Escort” is a term generally used to describe someone who offers services like accompanying someone to an event, providing social company, etc. This is usually set up through an agency (the client would call the agency and arrange to hire an escort), but some escorts are freelance and work independently, choosing their own clients. 

Many people assume all escorts are prostitutes, but we will get more into the differences there (and why that isn’t the case) below. 

For now, we need to focus on one big question: do you want to become an escort? If you’re considering this career, read through this article and some of the questions you have about the job may become a little more clear.

Becoming an escort…is this what you want? 

This is a really important question. As with most new business ventures, you may have to be in this for a while before you really start to make good money with it. Many people assume becoming an escort is an easy way to make fast money – but it can be a process to get started and finding clients (even through an agency) can take time.

Not only that, but escorts need to be good at what they do. A companion or escort needs to excel at morphing into whatever the client needs them to be, whether it be a one-off date to an event or someone with whom they can create a deeper, more intimate bond with over several sessions.

In order to be good at what you do, most of the time, this requires loving what you do. This business can be difficult to break into and building a list of reliable clients can take time – so you should be sure that this is what you want before starting down this road.

Some questions you may need to answer for yourself before getting started: 

  1. Will this be full time or part-time? Do I want a career or a side hustle?
  2. Will I be incall or outcall? (Explanations below!)
  3. What will I really do as an escort? 
  4. Should I be independent or go through an escort agency? 

These questions can be difficult and it may take some time to establish what you really want out of this – but hopefully, this article will help you find the answers! 

Dealing with the stigma…

There is (and likely always will be) some sort of stigma around sex work says our escorts in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, that is just the truth. While escorting can be more than sex (like actually traveling as someone’s companion or offering more girlfriend-related services), you do need to be comfortable having sex with your clients. Along with that, you need to be comfortable in the line of sex work, because escorting does fall under that kind of “umbrella” term.

While escorting and prostitution can be quite different, there can be some overlap and confusion, so let’s clarify…

Escorting vs Prostitution – what’s the difference?

A prostitute is a term generally used to describe someone who offers to engage in sexual activity for a fee.

An escort can also offer sexual activity as part of their various services or packages, but not always. Most of the time, an escort’s packages will include things more along the lines of intimacy, closeness, connection, friendship, etc. Really, you’re selling your time and your bond with the client, as an escort. When there is an exchange of sex in these services, it opens the escort up to prostitution charges if prostitution isn’t legal in their area.

Is prostitution illegal? 

In many places, yes, prostitution is illegal – like in much of the United States, for example. However, in some places (like the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Austria, etc) prostitution is legal and often even regulated in some way.

In order to find out if prostitution is legal in your area, you may need to do some research. 

Is being an escort illegal?

This is a loaded question because it all comes down to how your country/state defines an escort. In California, for example, under law, an escort is different from a prostitute. An escort agrees to accompany a client to a social event or provide entertainment in exchange for money. This is considered a service. 

However, if that escort agrees to sexual conduct as part of those services, this could be considered prostitution and they could be charged with prostitution. 

Incall vs Outcall Escorts – what is the difference?

Incall escorting is when the escort receives clients who come to them. This can mean that the client comes to either the escort company or the escort’s home to receive services. 


Outcall escorting is when the escort goes to wherever the client is. This would have the escort meeting the client in their home or where they choose. 

Which should I choose? Well, that’s up to you. Some escorts prefer one of the other, only offering one type of service, whereas others like to be flexible and do both.

There can be pros and cons to each. For example, with incall escorting, your clients may come to your home or agency and some people wish for more privacy than that. Whereas outcall escorting, you’re forced to go to someone else’s home or a hotel room which can make some people feel uncomfortable. 

Ultimately, you will need to decide for yourself what you are most comfortable doing.

Agency or Independent – which is best?

This is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make after you’ve decided to become one of the escorts in London: do I sign up with an escort/companionship agency or become an independent escort?

For example, signing up for an agency includes: 

  • You will have to split your commissions with the agency you’re working with. Most agencies take something like 30% of what your client pays you. 
  • Agencies offer protection and a reputation that will help you get ahead. Agencies offer things like vetting services to check that clients are legitimate and offer a reputation that will help you find a good selection of clients quickly. 
  • An agency will market and promote you to match you with clients, so much of the work is already done for you. Of course, this means you don’t have as much freedom as independent workers do in who you are paired with.

And then, becoming an independent escort includes: 

  • No split commissions and more freedom over how much you earn and how your business is run.
  • You don’t have a prestigious agency reputation to back you. You have to find clients yourself and do your own security checks. 
  • You do all your own promotion, run your own business the way you want to, aren’t stuck with the agency’s rules, etc. However, this also means you don’t have a good network and have to work harder to build your brand.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each and it’s really up to you to decide which avenue will work best for what you’re hoping to accomplish with this adventure.