Do’s and Don’ts for Sexting

Sexting is a fabulous way of turning on your partner or for the more adventurous ones, a stranger on the internet. It is discreet, anonymous, and you have a lot of options to add on to the experience. There are various ways you can spice things up and various platforms you can go to.

If you do not have a partner and are looking to go on the internet to sext with strangers, Snapchat is one of the best platforms to do so. All you need is a good sexting username and you can get started. Websites like can help you find usernames who are up for sexting online. Whether you are sexting with your partner or with a stranger there are some do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind during sexting.


  • Do explore the boundaries: Exploring what the other likes is just as important as realizing what you like as well. Sexting is a great way to stretch these boundaries and explore their limits and you should absolutely do that with the person you are sexting with.
  • Do use pictures: Sexy photos and even nudes are a great way to amp up the heat during a sexting session. Do not be afraid to show off your body in the best way possible. If you are sexting with a stranger, you can always censor your face or take it out of the frame.
  • Do use your imagination well: Use your imagination to cook up hot and interesting scenarios. Everyone knows and is tired of the scenarios you see in porn. Give your partner something new, something different, something adventurous.


  • Don’t use emojis: While a fraction of the people may like it, that percentage is really, really small. Do not use emojis while sexting to denote something you could easily have done with words. Emojis are childish and can often ruin the mood subconsciously. You may use some good stickers, but definitely not emojis.
  • Don’t force your partner: Whether it is your partner or a stranger, do not force them into doing something they don’t like. It may be imagining and acting out a scenario on text, sending a photo they don’t want to, or even sexting as a whole when they don’t feel like it. Remember, the biggest turn-on is consent.

While these are some ground rules, every person is different. Keep these rules as a base, make some more of yours, and sext away.