Do You Want to Know the Asian Women’s Fetishizing History?

Be aware of the perception of Asian Girls in The USA before you go for dating Asian girl.

Women who are mostly of East Asian ethnicity or origin in the United States are frequently portrayed through stereotypes as being hypersexual, meek, subservient, secretive, and wicked.

In order to start looking at the potential consequences of future cultural misrepresentations in the twenty-first century, it is crucial to understand the history of these misrepresentations and their connection to pop culture.

Chinese women were viewed as having poor morals, being involved in prostitution, and spreading STDs to white males.

Through the turning of “bad Asian” into “good Asian” in Hollywood movies like The Good Earth, there are numerous more misrepresentations of Asian women in American popular culture during the nineteenth century.

Following World War II, the United States established its dominance among the Western nations and as a result maintained a significant military presence in Korea and Vietnam.

In anticipation of their men needing to “blow off steam,” the U.S. military took control of many Japanese military-run brothels and promoted using prostitutes as a way to raise morale.

This led to a burgeoning sex business, which furthered the myth that Asian women are hypersexual and subservient when coupled with the poverty of the local women.

Due to pornographic depictions of sexually and domestically submissive Asian war brides, popular media reinforced such ideas of Asian women as being promiscuous yet in need of salvation.

Asian women are still perceived as somehow “asking for it” and are never able to measure up to the “good, wholesome, white woman” despite the apparent advancements to be observed in film representations from the early 1900s to the 1990s.

Asian ladies working in massage parlors are displayed for lead actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to choose from in 2001’s Rush Hour 2, with no lines or intricacy to their characters. These media portrayals of Asian women could influence AsianDate viewers to consider them as nothing more than delicate sexual objects that feed into Asian fetishes.